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LED SOLAR LAMP adopts solar radiant energy as its energy source. Solar cells are used to convert solar energy to charge the battery during the day. At night, the battery is used for power supply of LED light source. It does not need complicated and expensive pipeline laying and can adjust the layout of the arbitrarily. It is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, saving the cost of electricity bill. It is easy to operate that it requires no manual operation.
The installation of LED solar lamps is simple and convenient. It does not need to do a lot of basic engineering such as laying cables like ordinary street lamps. Only one base is required to be fixed, and all the lines and control parts are placed in the lamp holder to form a whole.
With the scientific and compact design, it is able to work steadily with fine results. Produced with high standards and fine craftsmanship, it is of premium quality that it can be used for a long time.
The entire system is automatically controlled, with no human intervention, and almost no maintenance costs. It is widely used in our daily life, such as the street light, the garden light and wall light.
As the professional manufacturer and supplier in China, our company is able to provide the customized service. You can buy the discount products from our factory with low price.
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