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Certification Of Energy-saving Lighting System Will Gradually Improve
Dec 31, 2016

Now carry out the certification of electrical lighting products including: self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting, general lighting with double-capped fluorescent lamps, single-capped fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp, (metal halide lamps), tube-shaped fluorescent lamps with metal halide lamp ballasts, HPS ballasts, (metal halide lamps) ballasts for metal halide lamps and road lighting system. Through two years of technology research and development, the China quality certification Center (CQC) on semiconductor (LED) and electrodeless lamp lighting products, carry out the certification process, which includes Induction lamp road/tunnel lighting products, LED downlights and reflection-type self-ballasted LED lamp class III devices.

CQC State believed energy-saving products certification bodies, established a highly effective lighting product certification and labeling system. List of energy-saving products in government procurement of products needed by CQC's "Festival" word mark, before they can be adopted by the Government procurement.

On a voluntary basis, enterprises can apply for energy-saving, applications for products which meet the energy efficiency standards (or technical specifications) and the rules of implementation of energy-saving products certification requirements, and review by the CQC to confirm, you can get Chinese energy-saving product certification issued by CQ c. Enterprises with CQC having signed the certification and logo use agreement, available for use on certified product advertising and promotion material certification and the "sections" word mark.

Application of lighting energy-saving measures, national investment minimum, resulted in the most obvious. From July 18, 2006, our energy-saving products in government procurement catalog. To further expanded energy-saving products government procurement range, increased energy-saving products government procurement work efforts, according to circular of the on established Government forced procurement energy-saving products system of notification and energy-saving products government procurement implementation views of provides, Treasury, and national NDRC Yu July 2010 again adjustment and announced has eighth period "energy-saving products government procurement listing", determine air conditioning machine, and lighting products (including double end fluorescent, and since town flow fluorescent, and single end fluorescent, and tube shaped fluorescent lamp ballast), and TV, electric water heaters, computers, printers, monitors, toilet, faucets and so on nine categories of products for government procurement of energy-saving products.