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High Power LED Downlight Is Widely Used
Dec 31, 2016

High power LED downlight usually refers to above 50W LED downlight, downlights are usually installed in the hotel lobby or in large venues, an indoor sports centre, or shopping malls. Because they say the installation height of more than 6 metres, and large space, General low power LED downlights can not meet the demand. High power LED downlight technology need to pay attention to what?
Reflector options need to select concentrating effect of aluminum light cups according to the height of selected beam angle 30 ° or 45 ° reflector. In case of need, to add lenses. To achieve the effect of concentrating.
High power LED downlight three points above LED downlight manufacturer we deal with are very professional, coupled with a stable performance of the LED drive power, high power LED downlights used more than 5 years is not a problem.
Light source selection, high light efficiency integrated light source is needed, we will import Puri or Corey chip to protect lamps light efficiency and light attenuation in the future. Advantages of the single chip light while heat dispersion, but difficult to achieve fiber reflective focusing effect.
Thermal issue because LED downlight 50W of power, so the heat much higher than low-power LED downlight, to downlight LED working temperature at 60 ℃, heat sink structure is the key issue. Joint meeting industry as a professional LED downlight manufacturer, uses a vacuum cooling liquid cooling technology, the joint meeting industry's patent, which is 100 times more than ordinary radiator thermal performance. Specifically for high power LED street lights, LED mining lights, and high power LED flood light above.