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Installation Of Indoor Lights
May 31, 2017

Indoor lighting is the main indoor lighting facilities for the interior space to mention the decorative effect and lighting function, it can not only give a more monotonous top color and shape to add new content, but also through the indoor lamp shape changes, light intensity Of the adjustment and other means to achieve the atmosphere of the atmosphere, Indoor Light change the sense of the role of the room structure.

Indoor lights are indoor life and work environment lighting lighting used collectively. This kind of lamp has both decorative effect and lighting function. The light source is incandescent lamp (including halogen lamp) or fluorescent lamp of various shapes and powers. Indoor lights can be divided into embedded lights, Indoor Light ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, removable lights and track lights 6 categories.

Embedded lights

Embedded in the ceiling inside, only issued a light down the general lighting. On its exit surface is equipped with diffusing hood, Indoor Light prism cover or grille and other optical components to reduce glare and expand the light (Figure 1). Office automation lighting used in the OA lighting is a class of strict control in the direction of the horizontal angle of the brightness of the mouth of the embedded light. It makes the lamp in the computer's screen on the image is very light, thereby reducing the content on the screen interference. Indoor Light Most of the embedded lights have a symmetrical light distribution, only a small number of lighting walls or a vertical surface of the lamps, mounted on the adjacent ceiling, issued an asymmetric light distribution.

Ceiling lights

Mounted on the ceiling surface, revealing all the shape of a class of lamps. According to the light situation is divided into all diffuse, down diffuse and down projection of three types.

① all diffuse type. It uses the diffuse or the surface of the transparent material with a prism transparent shade to the surrounding space. Work can not see the light source inside the shade, the light emitted up the lighting walls and ceilings. Therefore, Indoor Light the use of indoor light-colored ceiling, lighting can be lit on the ceiling as much as possible reflected out.

② down diffuse type. The side of the shade is made of opaque or partially opaque material, and the light is illuminated from the lower translucent shade. There is little light on the ceiling.

③ downward projection type. Used to reinforce lighting or add lighting to a class of light that has little angle. Mounted on the ceiling, providing enough light for visual operations.

Indoor light is IP20; bathroom, kitchen, the lower side of the canopy and other wet dust larger indoor space with IP54; outdoor floodlight with IP65; buried lights with IP67, Indoor Light while ensuring the bottom of the lamp soil is good;