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Interior Light Matching Skills
Aug 03, 2017

Indoor lights are mainly ceiling lamp, chandeliers, wall lamp, spotlights, ground lights.

For each room, indoor lights are an indispensable part, it brings us the light, but also make our room become more warm, and most of the time we are dealing with lights, of course, the light in the world to bring colorful colors, but also bring light pollution to the environment, Indoor Light so that your eyes are increasingly blurred, so in the home, we should pay special attention to the lighting arrangement, then indoor lights how to decorate for better? Let's go and have a look at the following, and hope to provide some help for your renovation.

How to decorate the interior lights better

I. Avoid light pollution

In the bedroom dress up, many people tend to decorate with the lamp, and some designers also like to use color lights or lights to bring decorative ceiling, these schemes, although novel, Indoor Light but in fact very detrimental to eye health, but also cause light pollution, long-term living in such an environment, will cause vision decline, and produce dizziness, insomnia, palpitation and other symptoms.

Second, choose the right lighting

For the room used in the lamp, must choose the appropriate style, especially to avoid the use of inductance ballast light-emitting lamp, otherwise, Indoor Light living in such a light environment for a long time, people's eyes easily fatigue, the emergence of myopia, and if in the light of the use of computers, this type of lamp strobe and the brain screen of the frame of the flashing overlap, the formation of light resonance, Indoor Light the human vision system more damage.

Third, avoid or reduce glare interference

Some people think that when reading, the stronger the light, the better in fact, this is a mistake in people's cognition, and should try to choose the soft light, Indoor Light if the brightness of the lamp is much higher than the brightness of the indoor general environment, people will feel the glare, Indoor Light not only will produce discomfort, but also serious damage visual function.

What are the interior lighting skills?

One, the living room Illumination main auxiliary interactive collocation

As the largest activity area in the room, it is necessary to build a warm atmosphere, therefore, in the selection of lights, pay attention to a lot, generally speaking, should choose the traditional ceiling lamp or branch light, and some auxiliary lighting with each other, and by adjusting the brightness and highlight, add the atmosphere of the interior, but must maintain the overall style of harmony.

Second, the restaurant lighting emphasis on soft tone

As the area where people eat, the light is not only softer, but also stimulates people's appetite, therefore, the lighting requirements of the dining area soft, quiet, and has enough brightness, Indoor Light and the surrounding table and chair tableware should be matched to form a visual aesthetic, in addition, in the restaurant decoration, the best use of hanging to highlight the table, and warm tones to create a warm atmosphere of dining.

Third, bedroom lighting pay attention to warm

As a private place, in this range can be arbitrary, Indoor Light the layout should be warm, comfortable theme to build, in the lamp layout must not have a sense of oppression, the main light and the whole bedroom style to maintain the same, light to avoid too strong or too white, at the top of the bed can also be set of lamp or wall lamps for reading and living.