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LED Ceiling Light To Protect Eyesight
Jun 28, 2017

LED ceiling light with high thermal conductivity of aluminum and patented technology design and production of new ceiling lamps, has been widely used in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting. LED ceiling light a variety of places suitable for use is not the same, mainly depends on the user requirements of the brightness, LED Ceiling Light exposure distance, the width of the installation and so on.

So, what is the advantage of LED ceiling?

1. LED ceiling lamp life longer, anti-vibration, impact resistance, and the characteristics are more attractive.

2. Monochrome good, commonly used colors include red, green, yellow and orange. Its color can be changed by changing the current, without the spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, LED Ceiling Light harmful mercury content is also less, is conducive to environmental protection.

3. LED is driven by DC voltage, even in low voltage and low current conditions can also maintain high brightness.

In view of this, LED ceiling light compared to ordinary lighting, LED Ceiling Light the advantage is very obvious, so with the incandescent lamp is eliminated, the market will eventually be occupied by LED lamps.

Advantages of LED Ceiling Light

★ energy efficient one thousand hours only consume 1 kWh

★ long life life of up to 100,000 hours

★ light health light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, does not produce radiation

★ green does not contain mercury and lead and other harmful elements, LED Ceiling Light conducive to recycling and use

★ protection of visual DC drive, no flicker

★ light efficiency and high fever, 90% of the energy into visible light

★ high safety factor required voltage, current is small, LED Ceiling Light less heat, do not produce security risks, can be used for dangerous places such as mines

LED ceiling lamp future development prospects

In the global context of promoting low-carbon economy, LED ceiling lamp market has high hopes. LED ceiling light higher efficiency, longer life, color is also very good, which makes it far beyond the other products, win more people's attention and love.

Because of this, LED rapid development, from the first signal to the current car lights, LED display, lighting (LED ceiling, etc.), whether it is technology or application point of view, have made great progress.

There is still much room for further research before the LED ceiling is the dominant future. In the capital, talent, market, technology under the premise of a good photoelectric products, without these premises to do the foundation, the final output may be photoelectric garbage. LED Ceiling Light The premise of lighting should be consistent with the natural ecological environment changes, green energy-saving lighting on the other hand is to reduce light pollution, have a healthy lighting environment is the ultimate goal of green lighting development.

LED ceiling light in commercial lighting using a wide range of specifications (single LED lamp beads, the following analogy), 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, each lamp beads power There are 1W, 3W. Various specifications are suitable for use in different places, mainly depends on the user requirements of the brightness, exposure distance, the width of the installation and so on.

How to choose LED ceiling light, LED Ceiling Light you can consider from the following three aspects

1 See the radiator used for the fixture

The cooling speed of the lamp beads determines the degree of light failure and the service life of the whole lamp. Lamp beads for a long time in the high temperature state of work, light failure soon, life is very short, and the brightness of the LED lanterns, from the focus of the effect of lighting.

2 lights of the power supply

Power quality also determines the life of the lamp, lamp beads used more than 50000 hours no problem, but if the power is broken, the whole light will not light up. The use of electronic components within the power supply, the design determines the efficiency of the transformer, power factor, stability, temperature rise, the service life. LED Ceiling Light Users do not understand the knowledge of components, then, from the power supply size, weight, and consult the use of electrolytic capacitors manufacturers and other aspects of the initial judgment. LED ceiling price difference, power quality accounted for a small proportion.

Understand the brand and package of the lamp beads

Lamp beads quality decision LED ceiling lighting effects, packaging technology affect the quality of light beads, heat and other key factors. Lamp beads chip with the United States chip, Taiwan chip, LED Ceiling Light domestic chips and so on. Different brands, the price difference is large, the lighting effect is also big difference.