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LED Ceiling Light With High Thermal Conductivity Patented Technology
May 31, 2017

LED ceiling light with high thermal conductivity of aluminum and patented technology design and production of new ceiling lamps, has been widely used in commercial lighting and home lighting field. LED ceiling light a variety of places suitable for use is not the same, LED Ceiling Light mainly depends on the user requirements of the brightness, exposure distance, the width of the installation and so on.

So, what is the advantage of the LED ceiling?

1. LED ceiling lamp life longer, anti-vibration, impact resistance, and the characteristics are more attractive.

2. Monochromatic good, LED Ceiling Light commonly used colors include red, green, yellow and orange. Its color can change by changing the current, without the spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, harmful mercury content is also less, is conducive to environmental protection.

3. The LED is driven by a DC voltage that maintains high brightness even at low voltage and low current conditions.

In view of this, LED ceiling compared to ordinary lighting, LED Ceiling Light the advantage is very obvious, so with the incandescent lamp was eliminated, the market will eventually be occupied by LED lamps.

Advantages of LED Ceiling Light

★ energy efficient one thousand hours only consume 1 kWh

★ long life life of up to 100,000 hours

★ light health light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, does not produce radiation

★ green does not contain mercury and lead and other harmful elements, conducive to recycling and use

★ protection of vision DC drive, no strobe

★ light efficiency and high fever, LED Ceiling Light 90% of the energy into visible light

★ high safety factor required voltage, the current is small, less heat, do not produce security risks, can be used for mines and other dangerous places