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LED Day Lantern Application Range
Aug 03, 2017

LED Day lantern because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, dimming, low energy consumption, long life and other characteristics of people are familiar with and love, but in the LED Day lantern, there is an easy to ignore the important part of the LED Day Lantern power supply.

LED industry development with each passing day, LED Ceiling Light there are new information, new technology out, Xiao Bian and you say that led Lanterns 8 major advantages.

1. Pure color: Led Day lantern using imported branch sharp chip, so with the advantages of LED light-emitting, pure color, soft, no glare. It can be used for decorative purposes as well as for lighting purposes.

2. Small heat: LED chip light-emitting lamp, because the power of a single LED is very low, so the calorific value is not high. Can be used as a living room or hotel decoration lighting, LED Ceiling Light without a lot of heat caused by water temperature rise, affecting the eyes.

3. Super Energy-saving: the power of the lamp is usually based on the needs of the guests to customize how many w number, and combined to the ceiling of the height of the ground, LED Ceiling Light compared to the traditional lighting and decorative lamps, but the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better.

4. Environmental protection: LED Day lantern with energy-saving and environmental protection, its material is the use of high-end aluminum, belongs to the recyclable type, LED Ceiling Light not because of the large number of use caused by environmental pollution and destruction.

5. Safety: Using low-voltage DC 110-220v supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. No matter the old or the child can be safely used without causing a security risk.

6. Long life: The normal service life of the lamp is $number million hours, 24 hours a day non-stop work, its life expectancy nearly 10 years. Therefore, LED Ceiling Light the life of the LED lamp is several times the traditional lamp.

7. Simple installation: LED light installation is very simple, directly open hole embedded installation.

8. Wide range of applications: Led day lanterns because of the use of high-end materials processing customization, so that the characteristics of pure color, LED Ceiling Light is widely used in home, hotels, KTV decorative lighting, places. Gradually mature technology, its application scope will be more extensive.