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LED Tube Lamp Is Favored By Consumers
Jul 24, 2017

LED tube lamp Adaptability, LED lamp does not exist in the starting time of the problem, power can be immediately normal work, no longer wait, the light color rendering good, close to natural daylight, installation fast and flexible, any angle adjustable, universal, wide range of applications.

LED tube lamp can be maintained high, LED light source can be composed of many sets of LED modules, LED tube lamp can be composed of many sets of LED cavity modules, no interference, easy maintenance, LED Down Light power and light source independent design, damage only need to replace the problem part, individual damage will not have a large impact on normal lighting, no need to replace the whole lamp.

LED tube Light starting performance, fast and reliable, only millisecond response time, LED Down Light can achieve all optical output, LED tube lamp vibration resistance, good weather resistance, long life.

LED tube light color index higher, lighting design GB for this interval of the color index requirements are ra=60, LED light color index is generally higher than traditional light source, at the current level, LED lamp color display index can reach 70 to 85.

LED tube lamp No matter from the performance, or prices have a very obvious advantage, LED Down Light more favored by consumers, at present, LED lamp is mainly used in office lighting, home lighting, large-scale shopping malls lighting and factory lighting and other places, the development of a very broad space.

Now LED tube lamp has been widely used in all types of office buildings, and even home decoration has begun to use LED lamp lighting. The lighting of the LED lamp in the interior of the applicability of lighting performance is very good, but also more and more consumers.

Characteristics of LED Tube lamp

1 first, LED tube lamp service life is very long, LED Down Light its power consumption is less than the traditional lamps one-third, but the brightness is consistent with the traditional lamps. Generally speaking, the normal use of life of more than 30,000 hours, long-term use without replacement, the invisible in the reduction of the cost of artificial, very suitable for some inconvenient to replace the lighting occasions. Of course, LED tube lamp color is very rich, can produce a variety of luminous colors of the lamp, so as to meet the needs of different occasions.

2 Second, because the LED tube lamp is green and environmental protection lamps, it will not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light, such as radiation, not including harmful substances such as mercury, heat less, very good to avoid the mosquito around the source of the lamp, LED Down Light so to create a relatively clean environment.

3 third, LED tube lamp is a very quiet energy-saving lamps, not like the traditional lighting noise, very suitable for the need for quiet environment, such as libraries, offices and other places. can also be very good protection of the eyes, start very fast, not flicker, good for our health.

4, the LED tube lamp is a cold light source, LED Down Light not like the traditional lamps emit a lot of heat. It can basically convert all the energy into light energy, which will cause the waste of power and is very economical.