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The Practicality Of Indoor Light
Jul 12, 2017

Home lighting is the most attractive temperament in the room, different shapes, colors, materials, the size of different rooms for different lighting effects, showing a different room expression. Now, in the face of the market on the numerous, the shape of the indoor lights, do you feel some dazzling?

In fact, in the purchase of indoor lights when you mainly from the following three considerations:

First of all, should be based on their actual needs and personal preferences to choose the style of indoor lights. For example, you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, Indoor Light you should choose black, dark red and other dark edged ceiling or floor lamp, and if the emphasis on decorative and the pursuit of modern style, it can choose lively point of lighting. If you love the national characteristics of the shape of the indoor lights, you can choose to sculpture floor lamp.

Second, the color of indoor lights should be in harmony with the home environment decoration style. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the indoor furniture, the color of the wall, the color of household appliances, otherwise the light and the overall tone of the room is inconsistent, Indoor Light but will be self-defeating. Such as indoor wallpaper color is light-colored, it should be warm colors of incandescent light source, so you can create a bright and soft light environment.

Finally, the size of the indoor light to be combined with the indoor area, the number of furniture and the corresponding size to configure. Such as 12 square meters below the small living room should adopt a diameter of 200 mm below the ceiling or wall lamp, the number of indoor lights, Indoor Light the size should be appropriate to avoid too crowded. In the living room around 15 square meters, you should use a ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 300 mm or a multi-pronged chandelier with a maximum diameter of not more than 400 mm. In the hanging on both sides of the murals with lights or wall lights set off, the effect will be better.

Home life, according to different functions, indoor lights can be divided into building indoor lights and decorative indoor lights two. According to reports, the construction of indoor lights is to be combined with the building structure, such as downlights, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, etc., these indoor lights although there are many options on the style, but the functionality is relatively simple, Indoor Light Before the decoration to fully consider the decoration after the actual effect of the indoor lights, do not pay too much attention to the style and ignore the practicality.

Decorative indoor lights in the choice of relatively casual, the current market interior lights dazzling, full style. Home decoration, different families can be based on their own decoration style with, such as now many families like crystal lamps, Japanese style lights, American style lights and so on. Indoor Light In addition, there are some special shape of the indoor lights can also choose. From the lighting effect, decorative indoor lights are mainly used for decoration, so some lights despite the very nice, but its relatively poor functionality, the choice must be considered when using the function.

Light source: life and light efficiency is difficult to have both. Please note. According to the light source division, usually life is more common there are four kinds of lights: incandescent, energy saving lamps, metal halogen lamps, LED lights (light-emitting diodes). These lights in the use of their own advantages and disadvantages, fully understand the performance of a variety of lights is necessary.

Incandescent lamp

Incandescent biggest shortcoming is the short life, the use of time is generally between 3000-4000 hours, some poor quality incandescent lamp can only use 1500 hours. However, the incandescent light is very high, can reach 100, which means that the object can completely show the original face. Indoor Light Incandescent light between 2700K-2800K, the color is relatively soft. According to the characteristics of the home incandescent lamp often in the restaurant, bedroom and other space use, looks more comfortable colors.

Energy saving lamp

Energy-saving lamps are popular due to energy saving, a 9-watt energy-saving lamp is equivalent to 40 watts of incandescent lamp. Energy-saving lamp life is relatively long, generally 8000-10000 hours. Energy-saving lamps in the color of 80 or so, some products can reach more than 85, the color is also relatively high.

Energy-saving lamps range from 2700K-6500K illumination, so energy-saving lamps are yellow and white light two colors to choose from. Most people feel more warm yellow light, white colder, and now a lot of five-star hotel like the use of yellow warm light energy-saving lamps, the effect is also very good.

High-quality energy-saving lamps will use the real three primary colors of rare earth phosphor, while ensuring long life, but also to maintain a high brightness. Normal use of energy-saving lamps for some time, the lights will be darker, mainly because of the loss of phosphor, technically known as light failure. Some high-quality energy-saving lamps invented the constant light technology, allowing the lamp to maintain the best working condition for a long time, the use of 2000 hours after the light failure of less than 10%.

Metal halide lamp

Metal halogen lamp is a kind of incandescent lamp, life is not very long, generally between 3000-4000 hours, no more than 6000 hours. Indoor Light The brightness of the metal halide lamp is between 2700K and 3250K. This kind of lamp can be used to focus on lighting, such as in order to highlight the decorative paintings on the wall, indoor ornaments, etc., you can use the cold light cup irradiation, this white light can be changed according to different home improvement style, consistent with fashion.

LED lights

This kind of lamp called light-emitting diodes, are new technologies. Now on the market of white LED lights in the performance is better, but the current LED lights still need to improve the technology. First, the light effect is relatively low, the second is the color will be missing, Indoor Light in the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple seven bands of LED lights blue, green band is relatively small, so when the show things color There are missing, experts predict that LED lights if you can solve these two problems, the future may replace other lights, because theoretically, LED lamp life is infinite.

The above is the lighting aspects. And you said the color side, in fact, when choosing the color of the living room, first of all to determine what the main colors. Indoor Light As the personal character, experience and occupation of different living room color design is not the same, so should be personal preferences and interests, not suitable for their own colors, designed to be beautiful, it will not be satisfactory.

Finally, the choice of indoor light wattage. Before the lighting test questions have also been a lot of people asked. The relationship between room space and lighting effects is very important. Generally soft, clear light, depends on the shade with the light bulb with. Light bulb brightness of the strength, will affect people's visual effects, vision protection and physical and mental health. Second, taking into account the room space and lighting brightness, bulb power is too large a waste of energy, easy to heat, may lead to various types of accidents; Indoor Light optional power is too small, and not achieve better lighting effects.

The general standard is: 15 ~ 18 square meters of lighting with 60 ~ 80 watts; 30 ~ 40 square meters in the 100 ~ 150 watts; 40 ~ 50 square meters in the 220 ~ 280 watts; 60 ~ 70 square meters in the 300 ~ 350 Tile; 75 ~ 80 square meters in the 400 ~ 450 watts.